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Dual-Fuel Technologies for LNG as Fuel: A Practical Approach

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Duration: 30 min

Original Airdate: June 4, 2020

The IMO’s 2030 and 2050 targets have challenged the maritime industry to find innovative solutions to lower its collective carbon footprint including the utilization of low and zero carbon fuels, new ship technologies and more efficient operations. As the industry’s more mature fuel option, Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) combined with new technologies and/or operational measures can be utilized to meet the 2030 emissions-reduction goals. As LNG as fuel becomes more prevalent, there are many items to take into consideration, including:

  • How do current and future regulations (SOx, NOx, GHG) relate to LNG as fuel implementation?
  • What vessel design aspects should be taken into consideration?
  • What are the common types of DF Engines currently available, and their differences?
  • Is Methane Slip a showstopper or simply one more emission to consider?
  • What are the common types of LNG Fuel Gas Supply Systems (FGSS) and their relevant considerations?

Join Arnab Ghosh, Business Development Manager for Singapore and Marios Ioannou, Manager for the Global Ship Systems Center, as they address these questions and more in our upcoming webinar Dual-Fuel Technologies for LNG as Fuel; A Practical Approach.



Business Development Manager, Singapore

Arnab Ghosh serves as ABS Business Development Manager for Singapore, responsible for driving business growth in the marine and offshore industries while also assisting shipowners and operators with meeting their classification and regulatory needs.

Manager, Global Ship Systems Center

As Manager of the Global Ship Systems Center in Athens, Marios is responsible for the research and development of advanced ship technologies for the maritime industry, specifically pertaining to LNG as Fuel.

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