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Webinar: Offshore Remote Surveys: Digital Solutions for Today’s Virtual Operations

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Offshore Remote Surveys: Digital Solutions for Today’s Virtual Operations

Underwater examination of offshore units are required as part of special periodic surveys to verify structural integrity of the asset. This involves time and cost for mobilization of appropriate personnel to often hard to reach locations.

Today’s remote inspection capabilities allow live streaming of video feeds from the diver or ROV to onshore locations with the ability for project stakeholders to collaborate remotely during survey execution. This type of virtual operations, now available as part of the ABS Remote Survey program, enhances the class experience and enables a new way of delivering class surveys.

In this 30-minute webinar, Joseph Rousseau, Director of Global Offshore Exploration and Smarty Mathew John, Digital Transformation Program Manager, will present the latest approaches to maximize cost savings and improve safety with a remote underwater survey in lieu of drydocking (UWILD) on an offshore unit. We will also discuss the ABS process to request remote offshore UWILD surveys.



Director of Offshore Exploration

During his tenure at ABS, Joe Rousseau has served in numerous leadership roles in the US, Canada and Europe. He is responsible for directing worldwide business development activities for mobile offshore units.

Digital Transformation Program Manager

Smarty leads digital innovation efforts and implements solutions that drive efficient maritime operations and enhances the class experience through safer, more informed, and data-driven approaches.

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