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Duration / 所要時間: 27 min 

Original Airdate / 元の放送日: July 7, 2020

In this webinar, Yuichiro Yoshitake, ABS Senior Engineer, will identify the latest trends in 3D model adoption by shipyards and designers and provide an overview of how ABS is enhancing the class experience with 3D model acceptance.

Advances in technology and 3D modeling techniques now enable one end-to-end project model, backed by a data set, for plan approval. Using 3D models for classification eliminates the requirement to create 2D drawings for design review, helping designers achieve a time savings of up to 10-25%.

本ウェビナーでは、ABS先任技師 吉武優一郎が、造船所及び設計者による3次元モデル採用の最新動向について解説し、ABSがどのように3次元モデルを活用し船級活動を強化しているかについての概要をご説明します。


Speakers 講演者

On-Demand / オンデマンド

Senior Engineer, Yokohama Ship Engineering Department

Yuichiro Yoshitake, Senior Engineer, Yokohama Ship Engineering joined ABS in 2007 after graduating Naval Architecture from Osaka University. He has wide experience in plan review and engineering analysis for various ship types.


横浜船体技術部 吉武 優一郎 先任技師。大阪大学工学部地球総合工学科船舶海洋工学コース卒業後2007年にABSに入社。

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