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Machinery Performance Health for Fleet Owners and Operators

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Duration: 30 min

Original Airdate: July 1, 2020

Operational demands on fleet owners and operators are increasing, requiring difficult and complex decisions to be made timely and accurately. By applying a sound machinery analytics strategy, owners and operators receive visibility into a vessel’s current condition and overall performance, optimizing its maintainability and availability. This results in providing competitive advantage to owners compared to their peers in the industry.

In the webinar, Machinery Performance Health for Fleet Owners and Operators, Dhaval Mehta, Director of Business Development and Subrat Nanda, Chief Data Scientist, define sound machinery analytics strategies and the benefits of ongoing performance monitoring and benchmarking.



Chief Data Scientist, Digital Solutions

Subrat Nanda is the Chief Data Scientist at ABS and leads data science and advanced analytics efforts for marine, offshore, and government clients.

Global Business Development Director, North America

Dhaval Meta is the Director of Business Development in North America at ABS and is responsible for strategic planning, new business development and account management.

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