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Addressing Shaft Alignment, Improving Operations

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Duration: 30 min

Original Airdate: July 16, 2020

Trends in vessel designs are impacting shaft reliability, in many cases leading to failure and downtime within the first few years of service. This is forcing owners and operators to take a hard look at propulsion shafting systems.

  • Are my shafting challenges caused by design or operations?
  • How do I minimize this risk of misalignment in future designs?
  • What impact does EEDI requirements have on shaft alignment?

Join ABS Regional Business Development Director, Elias Kariambas, and ABS Technology Advisor, Davor Sverko, as they answer these questions and more. Learn how ABS guidance and solutions can provide you with systematic methods to better address propulsion shaft alignment for vessels, shaftline vibration and good bearing performance - minimizing the risk of issues occurring during operation while improving safety.



ABS Regional Business Development Director

Elias Kariambas serves as ABS Director of Business Development based in Greece, working with clients to offer and deliver solutions that meet their class, compliance and operational needs.

ABS Technology Advisor

Davor Sverko serves as ABS Technology Advisor, advancing the latest in research and innovation to enhance the class experience and improve client outcomes.

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