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Insights into the Nature and Claims of Maritime-Related Injuries

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Duration: 30 min

Original Airdate: July 7, 2020

Making safety a priority is critical in today’s maritime environment. With evolving regulations and safety protocols, mariners are constantly required to stay aware of changes and remain vigilant in their pursuit of safety, both at sea and on shore. To further enhance safety in the industry, ABS, the American P&I Club and Lamar University recently partnered to study some of the most common causes of safety-related incidents in the maritime industry.

In this webinar, Keegan Plaskon, ABS Business Development Director, Kevin McSweeney, ABS Technology Manager, and William Moore, Dr. Eng., American P&I Club Senior Vice President, will breakdown the results of this study and what they mean for the maritime industry going forward.



American Bureau of Shipping - Business Development Director

Keegan Plaskon serves as ABS Business Development Director, responsible for driving business growth in the marine and offshore industries while also assisting shipowners and operators with meeting their classification and regulatory needs.

American Bureau of Shipping - Technology Manager

Kevin McSweeney serves as ABS Technology Manager, responsible for the research and development of technology advancements that enable a safer maritime environment.

American P&I Club - Senior Vice President and Global Head of Loss Prevention Risk Control & Survey Compliance for the Shipowners Claims Bureau

Dr. Moore has a long history of risk management within the maritime industry and is currently a member of the American Bureau of Shipping.

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