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Slamming Impacts and Design Loads on High-Speed Crafts

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Duration: 30 min

Original Airdate: July 29, 2020

As the new generation of high-speed crafts become larger and faster, slamming impact loads on vessels are a critical design concern. Slamming impact load is one of the most critical factors for the scantling design of hull structures. ABS is continuously refining prescriptive rules analysis procedures, numerical tools, and the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) method.

Join Zhongfu Ge, ABS Managing Principal Engineer for Technology and Chris Greenwood, ABS Director of Regional Business Development, as they unfold what high speed craft slamming means for the maritime industry.



Regional Director of Business Development

Chris Greenwood is the Regional Director of Business Development for the Middle East and Africa; based in Dubai where he is responsible for client relationship management and business development in the region.

Managing Principal Engineer

Zhongfu Ge, serves as Managing Principal Engineer based in Houston. He leads the ABS Computational Fluid Dynamics Group which provides ABS clients with a broad range of commercial services and enhances the overall class experience.

Senior Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Rania Al Shamekh works closely with leadership and business development teams in the Middle East and Africa to create marketing and communication plans that support strategic initiatives.

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