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ウェビナー:GHG(温室効果ガス)Rating 改善について(日本語)

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Improve your GHG Rating, Enhance Your Edge (Japanese)

Duration / 所要時間: 30 min 

Original Airdate / 元の放送日: Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Greenhouse gas (GHG) ratings are becoming an increasingly important factor for vessel charterers as they consider available ships and fleets. Often a better GHG rating makes the vessel more attractive to major charterers. As a result, an increasing number of shipowners and operators are looking to voluntarily improve their GHG ratings.

In this webinar, Makoto Oba, ABS Business Director Japan, will provide insight into the challenges facing owners in improving their GHG ratings, pathways for overcoming those challenges and how ABS can assist you along the way.

GHG(温室効果ガス)Ratingは、傭船者が傭船する船舶並びに船隊を検討する際にますます重要な要素となってきています。主要な傭船者はよりよいGHG Ratingを保持する船舶は、より市場価値があるとみなす傾向にあります。その為、自発的にGHG Rating改善に注意する船主及びオペレーターが増加しています。

本ウェビナーでは、ABS大庭亮ビジネスディレクターがGHG Rating改善の際に船主が直面する問題の概要並びにこうした問題を克服する道筋、またその際にABSがどのように皆様のお手伝いができるかについてご説明致します。

Speakers 講演者

On-Demand / オンデマンド

Business Director

Makoto Oba, Business Director is in charge for developing various engineering and business projects. He joined ABS in 1984 and served as Manager for Yokohama Ship Engineering Department before taking current position..



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