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ウェビナー:MEPC 75の審議結果と業界への影響(日本語)

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MEPC 75 Outcomes and Industry Impact (Japanese)

Duration / 所要時間: 36 min 

Original Airdate / 元の放送日: March 9, 2021

This webinar will provide an overview of the outcomes from MEPC 75 and will outline key implications for shipowners and operators.

Topics will include the latest on the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI), approval of the fourth IMO GHG study, amendments to the Ballast Water Management Convention and more!

Marine owners and operators are exploring their options and trying to understand the best path toward compliance with the latest environmental regulatory changes. From understanding the available ballast water management technologies to identifying the best options for meeting decarbonization goals, ABS offers a comprehensive suite of services to support industry in meeting the latest environmental requirements and making smarter fleet and operational decisions.

Get the latest summary and insights from MEPC 75 by downloading our brief.

本ウェビナーでは、MEPC 75の審議結果について概説し、船主やオペレーターにかかわる主な影響について説明いたします。


近年の環境関連規則の改正内容に適合すべく、船主やオペレーターが選択肢を模索し、最善の道とは何かを理解しようとしている中、ABSは現在利用可能なバラスト水管理技術から脱炭素化の目標達成のための最善策に至るまで、業界の皆さまが最新の環境要件を満たし、フリート構成や運航判断のスマート化を進められるよう、一連の包括的なサービスを提供いたします。 ABSによるMEPC 75概要をダウンロードして、MEPC 75に関する最新情報とインサイトをご覧ください

Speakers 講演者

On-Demand / オンデマンド

Business Director

Makoto Oba, Business Director is in charge for developing various engineering and business projects. He joined ABS in 1984 and served as Manager for Yokohama Ship Engineering Department before taking current position..



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