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Future Fleet or Workforce, Which Comes First?

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Duration: 1 hour 15 mins

Original Airdate: May 5, 2021

Will the technology developments of the future fleet define the skills needed for the workforce or will the workforce shape the future fleet? We think it’s both. The needs for the future fleet will demand a workforce with skillsets that blend traditional naval architecture principles with new digital sciences. In turn, that workforce will iterate and drive change that optimizes future fleet designs and operations.

Join us for this virtual roundtable event where we will tackle these topics and much more with some of the leading academic minds in the maritime space.


Panel 1:
This panel will explore the latest research and advancements in technology that will support more efficient vessel designs, lower emissions and autonomous operations.
Participants include:

  • Dr. Betar Gallant, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), ABS Career Development Professorship in Naval Engineering
  • Dr. Reza Alam, University of California, Berkley, ABS Chair in Ocean Engineering
  • Dr. John Speer, Colorado School of Mines, ABS Chair in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Panel 2:
This panel will discuss the workforce and training trends that will support the development and operation of the future maritime fleet.
Participants include:

  • Dr. Christopher Clott, SUNY Maritime, ABS Chair of Marine Transportation
  • Dr. Matthew Werner, Webb Institute, ABS Chair in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  • Dr. Armin Troesch, University of Michigan, ABS Professor in Marine and Offshore Design Performance



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