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Green Shipping Corridors: Leveraging Synergies

As part of COP 26, 19 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Chile, and Australia, signed the Clydebank Declaration, with the goal of supporting the establishment of at least six green corridors by the middle of this decade. In addition, the U.S. Department of State announced its aim to help set up green shipping corridors and provided high-level guidance on what can be expected as the building blocks for green shipping corridors.

Green Shipping Corridors: Leveraging Synergies, provides the foundation needed for making informed decisions regarding selecting, establishing and utilizing green shipping corridors, including:

  • An overview of the concept of a green shipping corridor
  • Frameworks currently in place
  • Foundational elements needed to establish a corridor, including cross value chain collaboration, fuel availability, port readiness, regulatory and policy support
  • Insights into emissions quantification ยท Announced Green Shipping Corridors Cooperation and collaboration are at the bedrock of any green shipping corridor and with its rich history of bringing together stakeholders from across the supply chain to achieve a common goal, shipping is poised to make this concept a reality.

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