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ウェビナー:ABS船舶状態評価鑑定(CAP)- 用船者の要求に応える為に(日本語)

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ABS CAP - Helping You Meet Charterer Requirements (Japanese)

Duration / 所要時間: 30 min 

Original Airdate / 元の放送日: January 19, 2020

A Condition Assessment Program (CAP) is the recognized method for an asset owner to demonstrate the quality and suitability of an asset for charter. The program provides a charterer with a technical evaluation of the physical condition and maintenance of a vessel above the requirements for Class.

  • Which vessels should consider a CAP survey?
  • Are non-ABS-classed vessels eligible for an ABS CAP Survey?
  • How do I get started with requesting an ABS CAP Survey?

Join ABS Business Director, Makoto Oba as he answers these questions and speaks about the benefits of utilizing ABS CAP.

船主の保有船舶が用船条件を満たし、用船に適していることを示すための手段として知られているCAP (船舶状態評価鑑定)。ABSのCAPプログラムでは、船体構造の状態や保全状況について、船級要件よりも厳しい基準で技術的評価を行い、その結果を用船者に提供致します。

  • CAP検査を検討すべき船舶の種類は?
  • ABSのCAP検査はABS以外の船級船にも対応可能?
  • ABSのCAP検査を申し込むには?


Speakers 講演者

On-Demand / オンデマンド

Business Director

Makoto Oba, Business Director is in charge for developing various engineering and business projects. He joined ABS in 1984 and served as Manager for Yokohama Ship Engineering Department before taking current position..



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