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Applying Smart Functionality, Improving Operational Performance (Japanese)

Duration / 所要時間: 25 min 

Original Airdate / 元の放送日: Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Today’s maritime environment requires owners and operators to leverage operational data and advanced analytics like never before. Applying digital technologies and smart functionality can provide greater insights into asset condition, enabling more informed decisions that optimize maintenance activities and improve overall asset performance.

  • What is the state of smart functionality in the maritime industry?
  • What smart technology should I consider for my fleet?
  • What is the future of smart functionality?

Join ABS Business Director, Makoto Oba as he answers these questions and more. Learn how you can leverage smart technology to effectively collect, process, and perform advanced data analytics, enabling data-driven decision making and proactively manage the health and performance of your fleet.


  • 海事業界におけるスマート機能の現状とは?
  • 御社のフリート用にどのスマート技術を検討すべきか?
  • スマート機能の将来はどのようなものか?


Speakers 講演者

On-Demand / オンデマンド

Business Director

Makoto Oba, Business Director is in charge for developing various engineering and business projects. He joined ABS in 1984 and served as Manager for Yokohama Ship Engineering Department before taking current position.



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