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Sustainability Whitepaper: Methanol as Marine Fuel

The maritime industry faces challenges in adopting new technologies and operational practices to comply with increasingly strict international, national, and local regulations aimed at reducing Sulfur Oxides (SOx), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Particulate Matter (PM), Carbon and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from ships. The ABS publication Setting the Course to Low Carbon Shipping: Pathways to Sustainable Shipping, has categorized the available maritime fuel options for decarbonization. Due to its potential to reduce the CO2 output from marine fuels, applications of methanol are drawing a wider interest from owners of oceangoing vessels, short sea shippers, ferries, cruises, and inland waterway vessels.

Through a series of sustainability whitepaper publications, ABS has individually detailed certain decarbonization fuel options and technologies. This whitepaper provides information for the consideration of methanol as a marine fuel.

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