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Tanker Talks: LNG-fueled Tankers

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Duration: 45 min

Original Airdate: September 30, 2021

Increased emissions requirements have challenged the tanker industry to find innovative solutions to lower its collective carbon footprint including the use of low- and zero-carbon fuels. As one of the more mature fuel options, Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) combined with new technologies and/or operational measures may be a viable option to meet the 2030 emissions-reduction goals.

Utilizing LNG as marine fuel poses many areas for consideration, including:

  • Rules and Regulations
  • Vessel Arrangements
  • Piping and Bunkering
  • Engine Options
  • Boil-off Gas Management
  • Crew Awareness, Training, and Certification

Join Pier Carazzai, ABS Vice President of Business Development for the Southern Pacific Region, Stavros Niotis, ABS Principal Engineer of Global Gas Solutions, and Filippos Nikolatsopoulos, ABS Business Development Manager for Greece, as they discuss these topics and more.



ABS Vice President, Business Development for the Southern Pacific Region

Pier serves as ABS Vice President, Business Development for the Southern Pacific Region, responsible for driving business growth in the marine and offshore industries while assisting shipowners and operators with meeting their classification and regulatory needs.

ABS Principal Engineer, Global Gas Solutions

Stavros is currently focused on all projects related to gas carriers and gas-fueled ships. He has been involved in rule development, innovative design review and provides technical advice to ABS clients for various gas technology aspects.

ABS Manager, Business Development for Greece

Filippos currently serves as a business development manager of the Greece region for ABS, working with clients to offer delivery solutions that meet their class, compliance and operational needs.

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